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CIFKIDS is committed to its mission to relieve the burden of innocent, young victims of sexual violence in South Africa and elsewhere. But, like any charity, we can do very little without the kindness and generosity of people like you. A full understanding of the immensity of the child rape crisis leaves concerned global citizens wondering, “How can I help?”  Each of us has some special gift or talent that we can use to help improve the lives of these children.  We encourage you to put Love in Action by making every effort to help impact the lives of young rape victims.  Please see our How You Can Help page to see how you can put Love in Action today. 


Meet our Board of Directors:

  • Margot I. Hyland, Director, President & Founder

  • Dexter B. Adriaanse, (ACTING) Director & Vice President

  • Amy Johnson, Director

  • Dr. Romani George M.D., Director

  • Rebecca M. Hyland, Secretary & Treasurer

Meet our Advisory Board:

  • Royi Akavia

  • David O'Brien

  • Anthony Asaad F. Shaker

  • Steven M. Weisbrot

  • Marianne H. DiIorio

  • Margo R. Cull

  • Linda Langdon

Margot Hyland, the Founder and President for CIFKIDS, has been in healthcare for over 20 + years. Her work experience has been in hospitals, nursing homes, and private nursing agencies and in home care. She also has two degrees from MCCC and a degree from Temple University. She is also currently enrolled in further course work in a masters/doctorate program. Her hobbies are vast, and her love for the arts, music, languages, and all cultures are constant. Margot has two biological sons, Dexter and Pierre, and has raised her nephew Mark. She is also an Oomie (young grandmother in German) to three beautiful grandchildren, Gabrielle, Dexter Jr., and Charlize.  Margot is also an aspiring author; she has written a completed memoir, titled Across the Colour Line, which has turned out to be a trilogy. Her love for writing is evident in the unpublished poems that she has written over the years. She is currently writing a "novel" based on true life stories of her travels, her experience with the Criminal Justice System, and work related experiences since leaving South Africa.


Dexter B. Adriaanse, (ACTING) Director & Vice President


Amy Johnson, Director, received a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from Bellevue University in 2001.  In addition, she received her Masters in Public Health from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2005. Amy recently left her position as Project Coordinator at the University of Nebraska in the Section of Child Health Policy where she concentrated on maternal and child health issues.  She is the current Public Health Officer for the Nebraska Air National Guard, along with work in Homeland Defense and medical response.  Amy resides in Nebraska and is the mother one beautiful baby boy.. 


Dr. Romani George M.D., Director,  is a board certified psychiatrist who has worked with a variety of healthcare institutions in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Central Montgomery Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center and Montgomery County Emergency Services, Inc. She holds a B.A of medicine and surgery degree from Caristian Medical College in Vellore, India, and was a Resident in Psychiatry at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa, USA.


Rebecca Hyland, Secretary & Treasurer, and CIFKIDS Founder Margot Hyland are sisters.  Rebecca Hyland owned and operated a supermarket and bakery in Ennerdale, South Africa, which she took over from her mother, Catherine Hyland, who started this business from the ground-up  without any financing or help from anyone. It became one of the most successful businesses in that area. She bought the business when her mother moved to the USA, and she ran the business for 18 years before she, too, came to America.


Meet our Advisory Board:


Royi Akavia is a well known artist and all round fascinating human being. Born in Israel, he now lives in Miami Beach where he is continuously exploring and developing new ideas in his craft. His latest exploration involves the amazing animation of children's drawings.


David O'Brien, is a graduate of Montgomery County Community College , where he earned his A.A., and Arcadia University , formerly Beaver College , where he earned his B.A. in English with a minor in Education.  David gained considerable experience in public relations through his involvement in politics.  While in college, he worked as a campaign volunteer.  He later became a ward committeeman.  Inevitably, he wound up running twice for public office himself: once for commissioner, losing by a mere 42 votes, and once for state representative—losing by more than he ever wants to remember.  David has worked at jobs ranging from dishwasher and janitor to manager and correspondent.  The first in his family to graduate from college, he can relate to people from all walks of life. 


Anthony Asaad F. Shaker is an accomplished author, editor, and writing coach.


Steven M. Weisbrot, Esquire, is an Attorney and NL resident. He is currently accepting cases in Personal Injury, Employment, Criminal, Collections, Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, more. He works at Luber & Cataldi, LLC in Philadelphia, PA USA


Marianne H. DiIorio brings to the Board of CFIKIDS a life of advocacy and dedication to helping those less fortunate. From early childhood, she has crusaded for animal rights and against the injustice of animal cruelty. She has been a tireless supporter of local SPCAs and is an active member of the Humane Society. Marianne’s involvement in the AIDS movement started in 1991 with the death of Freddie Mercury, the lead-singer of the rock-group Queen. She has been an active supporter of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an organization started in memory of the late Freddie Mercury to promote the awareness of the AIDS epidemic. Marianne regularly donates time and money to helping locally support the AIDS battle. She is an active supporter of the Mizzoni Institute, started in Philadelphia to bring local awareness to the AIDS epidemic. Marianne holds a degree in early childhood education from Gwyned Mercy. She lives in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with her husband, her 18-month old daughter named London and her pets, a dog (Daegan) and 2 cats (Mercury and Atticus). 


Margo R. Cull is a young grandmother and mother of two sons, both married with family's of their own. . She has always tried to combine her passion and her work.. She is presently a Retail Advertising Sales Rep. for the Courier-Post Newspaper, Cherry Hill, NJ- 856 486-2508.  She has also been: Co-Chairman of the Ladies Auxiliary, Pennsauken Fire Dept. #2, Pennsauken, NJ (1972-1977) Past President of the Merchantville Junior Membership Dept., Merchantville, NJ (1977-1978),Pass member of the Merchantville Public Affairs Committee(1977-1978), Past trustee of the Friends of the Camden County Park Commission, Cherry Hill, N.J.(1978-1998), Past trustee of Tender Care, Moorestown, NJ (2001-2002).



The late Catherine Hyland is the inspiration for Catherine’s Inspiration for Kids.


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