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 CIFKIDS Founder and President, Margot Hyland, shares her feelings about the work and inspiration of her late mother, Catherine Hyland.


As the Founder and President of CIFKIDS, I am continuing the service to South African victims of sexual violence that was the work of my mother, Catherine Hyland, who passed away on December 18, 2003. As her last wish, my mom wanted me to travel back to South Africa to support and stand by these children. Her request was that I put together a program that would educate the children and create opportunities for them that will provide self-sufficiency. CIFKIDS is the result of that request, and through this means of change we are fulfilling my mother�s last request while doing much, much more. 


My mother�s involvement with the Outreach Program run by the Rev. Frank Jardine and his wife, Lorraine, in Johannesburg, helped many young victims of this type of attack in South Africa. The Rev. Jardine is a missionary who works in the squatter-camps surrounding the Lawley area of  South Africa. He and his wife run a �soup kitchen� and provide for the basic needs of the disadvantaged and orphans there. For 18 years, my mother worked from the United States with this Outreach, which now hosts 125 disadvantaged and orphaned children. The children need everything from food and clothing to medical care.


My mom had an enormous capacity for love, and she was shattered by the ongoing child rape crisis in South Africa. She was even more concerned by the fact that there was no proper rehabilitation for these young victims and no care centers for abandoned children. As her daughter, I have inherited my late mother�s compassion, loyalty, tenacity, and love-in-action spirit. As the leader of CIFKIDS, I will crusade to the best of my ability, along with my board members and volunteers, to find answers and solutions to help some of the world�s most vulnerable citizens--the children.


Current plans include supporting existing orphanages to provide needed care and security, and many other specific efforts. But we need your help. Without public support from like-minded people everywhere, CIFKIDS can do very little.  To help abused, disadvantaged children, not only in South Africa where my mother began this journey, but throughout the world, including the USA, we need the support of concerned citizens of the world like yourself.  Partner with CIFKIDS to affect change in the lives of these children, and put your Love in Action


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