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The philosophy and motive that drives CIFKIDS' activity at home and abroad:


With young victims of sexual violence and abuse in African nations in numbers not yet accurately calculated, CIFKIDS founder and president Margot Hyland, has adopted a strategy of “Love in Action” to bring help and comfort to those most affected by this insidious plague of human ignorance.


This has meant a number of real, on-the-ground efforts in just the first year of CIFKIDS, following the trail blazed by Catherine Hyland, the founder’s mother. Looking to the future, CIFKIDS is organizing simple and effective programs at key locations in Africa for maximum benefit to abandoned and victimized children.


Initial efforts are focused on South Africa, where Reverend Frank Jardine and his wife, Lorraine, operate an outreach in Lawley, a town near Johannesburg. Rev. Jardine helps as many as 120 victimized children from the surrounding squatter camps, who live in sub-standard conditions and abject poverty. Clothing for the children is sent every six months, along with other gifts.  In the past two years, about $10,000 in cash has been sent to assist the efforts. Thanks to these donations, Rev. Jardine can now take the children to receive medical care and on outings in a 15-seat mini-buses and his personal car, also provided by the late Catherine Hyland. Mrs. Hyland worked extensively with Rev. Jardine and also made substantial contributions to a Bible school in Cape Town.  She also sent contributions to Pastor Tony Harts and purchased a personal car, now in Bosmont, Johannesburg, South Africa.


"They miss my mother tremendously," said Margot Hyland. "I have a vision to do bigger things for all of them."


Margot has solicited donations of much needed shoes and clothing for the orphans being aided by Rev. Jardine and his wife.  The Shoe Bar, a company in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, and shoe manufacturer, Noat Yaleet, Inc., from New York, have donated several boxes of shoes.  Generous individuals and businesses have also donated clothing for the children at Rev. Jardine’s orphanage.  


Work in Africa and overseas


Thrive Africa, an American group working in Harrismith, South Africa, and other overseas, human-rights organizations have expressed an interest in partnering with CIFKIDS. Thrive Africa is associated with an American spiritual group from Texas and works with the population near Harrismith, in Kwazulu. As a CIFKIDS partner, Thrive Africa helps over 1,000 high school students and is also active in the community in Harrismith. Planned meetings with Thrive Africa during Margot’s December, 2005, South African trip will allow the organizations to solidify their plans to move forward with giving victims of child rape practical assistance.  CIFKIDS will also meet with frontline workers like the municipal worker in Kwazulu who is currently working with reverend Juta who is caring for 57 orphans.


Catherine’s Inspiration for Kids future goals include working with groups in nearby Lesotho, Botswana, Mozambique and Swaziland to assist child rape victims. 


As many as 600 young victims in various locations around the world have benefited from CIFKIDS assistance.  "This is just the first year," Margot Hyland, CIFKIDS President and Founder, commented. "We’re just really beginning work now."


Volunteers and programs


Real estate agent Sioborn McMahon of the Kurfiss Real Estate Agency in Doylestown, Pennsylvania worked with the Real Estate Association of Montgomery County last year on a toy drive. Ms. McMahon organized all the real estate agents in this group, who collected gifts for 125 kids and paid for shipping and airfreight to the Lawley church outreach.


"I thought that was amazing," said Margot.


At the Lawley group, Rev. Jardine receives food and money to run  a soup kitchen. "He has a problem being able to feed these kids," said Margot. Between $5,000 and $10,000 has gone to this essential effort in recent years, in addition to $25,000 to $30,000 in “out-of-pocket” funds contributed by the late Catherine Hyland.


A construction fund is being created to collect donations to build facilities for the Lawley church outreach, which would include a better kitchen and a recreation center. Land must be purchased for this facility, so Catherine Hyland’s home in Ennerdale, South Africa, is going to be sold, with proceeds going to this effort. Threeorphanages are planned for construction in Johannesburg, Kwazulu, Swaziland.


These plans are in line with CIFKIDS two-part “Love in Action” strategy.  Part One is health and care, such as nutrition and counseling.  Part Two includes orphanages and facilities to provide food, lodging, and education for young abuse victims.


As facilities are built and staffed, CIFKIDS hopes young victims in Southern Africa and elsewhere can rebuild their lives by learning job skills in a co-op program. Generating an income, becoming self-sufficient, and getting a basic education are realistic goals even for the most impacted victims. It is our hope that advanced students will be able to get a college education in the United States--and then return to their countries to help others in need.


CIFKIDS sponsored orphanages will be grouped under the name, “Mahnwe,” which means “rejected one” in the African dialect of Sotho. This was at the request of Catherine Hyland before she passed away. Margot will honor her late mothers request.


An essential component of the CIFKIDS programs in Africa will be counseling and emotional support for victims. In cases of rape, abandonment or abuse and violence, psychiatric scars and wounds can run deep and affect victims for a lifetime. But with only two mental health clinics in all of South Africa for rape victims, the need is overwhelming.


Under the direction of Dr. Romani George, and with the help of Dr. Lin Montgomery, area hospitals in Pennsylvania will be organizing student residents to help meet this need. Drs. George and Montgomery, both psychiatrists, will be developing a treatment plan for victims to help ease the most painful aspects of their mental condition following abuse and to provide sound guidance and advice. Psychiatric resident interns from area hospitals are planning for travel to the South African facilities in person to treat and counsel the victims. Margot met recently with Dr. Montgomery, who agreed to work with Dr. George to put together a plan of action and assist with the implementation of a psychological clinic in Kwazulu and Johannesburg. Rehabilitation, AIDS prevention, and adolescent health status, as well as nutrition and simple loving kindness, will be available to those who are hurting the most.


Getting Organized


The work and labor needed to reach these young victims of rape, sexual violence and abandonment in Africa and elsewhere almost seems overwhelming. But if even one child, or 100 or 1,000 children can be assisted and know that they are loved, CIFKIDS feels that the program will be a success.


CIFKIDS is currently staffed by only about six full-time people. In the United States, new volunteers have recently begun much-needed fundraising, and will work as volunteer coordinators for the foundation. Amanda Golasa, Becky Molotsky, Mark Camay and Pierre Hyland are also working to create funding sources, such as the upcoming CIFKIDS fundraising event in Philadelphia, PA in 2006.  Newcomer Roxanne Ravenel, who has an established virtual office support service, has become invaluable by providing CIFKIDS with much needed administrative assistance and organizational skills. Volunteer Melanie Carter-Jigles is working in South Africa to secure contacts and logistics for an upcoming documentary featuring Margot Hyland in South Africa talking with victims and workers. Other board members and staff are listed elsewhere on this site.


There are many common needs, including clothing, organizing toy drives, construction, maintenance, fundraising, accounting, office help and communications. Please see the ‘HOW CAN I HELP?’ page on this site for details.


HIV/AIDS is an epidemic in Africa that impacts one in three people in these regions. As parents die prematurely, very young children are often left to fend for themselves. Destructive beliefs and practices passed on by traditional natural healers lead infected males to believe the HIV/AIDS disease can be cured by having sexual relations with a virgin. This practice leads to the brutal rapes of young girls and even infants. Relief for the poor and distressed, education and the eradication of misconceptions such as this myth, easing the burdens of government, and promoting social welfare while combating community deterioration, are all lofty goals.


CIFKIDS is working through “Love in Action” on a modest scale now, with the hope of providing a brighter future for some and a light in the darkness for many others in the future.


"I’m very optimistic," said Margot Hyland. "Once the documentary is done, I cannot see how it will not be successful. This is going to be a one-of-a-kind project. The subject matter is so horrific, but it will bring this very important matter to the attention of the world, so we can make a difference in the lives of these victims."


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