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A Tribute to Catherine Hyland

By Margot Hyland


My mother is a poem I’ll never be able to write--though everything I write is a poem to my mother. My mom, who I call my heroine, is no more. But she has left behind a legacy of love and hope, cherished with little acts of kindness that I wish to share with all of my readers. To me, the legacy of my mothers love is more valuable than an inheritance. My mom is the truest friend I have ever had. When trials, heavy and sudden, had mentally shattered me, she was there with encouraging words. When adversity overtook prosperity, she was there with a healing smile. When friends who once rejoiced with me in the days of sunshine deserted me, she hugged me to her bosom. She was still there. When trouble thickened around me, she clung to me, and by her kind precepts and counsels, she dissipated the clouds of darkness, showering happiness and peace in my heart. She was there in every moment, in all the ups and downs of my life. She is my angel.


Mom, I want the entire world to know the sacrifices you made for your family, the love you had for your children, and the children of others. Mom, you believed that Love in Action can save many, many children’s lives. You have sowed the seed of love in us, and I will carry on your task and spread the word of love in every soul I meet. I will make you live in others, too.


This letter is a tribute to my mom, the late Catherine Hyland. I promise to enliven her spirit by reaching out to those young children who have been deprived of the heavenly bliss of parental love.


If you have known the love of a devoted parent--or wish you had--please consider making a small or large donation to CIFKIDS.  Your contribution will help by touching a child’s heart with that same sacred flame, giving them hope for tomorrow.


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