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Your generous donation(s) to Catherine’s Inspiration for Kids will be used to:


Raise awareness of the child rape crisis in South Africa and other countries of the world.


Various campaigns will be waged throughout the year in several countries to raise awareness and motivate supporters to take positive action;

Corporate mailings, public speaking engagements and various advertising campaigns will be employed to gain public support;

Various means will be used to pressure the governments of countries where child rape is rampant;

Community education programs will be developed and implemented to impact the thinking and behavior of the population in communities with high incidences of child rape.


Give direct aid to child rape victims, children of abuse and those orphaned by HIV/AIDS.


Direct aid can include food, shelter, clothing, education and toys during the holiday season;

Provide medical and psychological healthcare.


Build medical and psychological facilities


CIFKIDS is planning to build medical and psychological facilities throughout South Africa, which will give victims of sexual abuse access to much needed services essential to their physical and emotional recovery;

Medical and psychological clinics will be staffed using donations, sponsorships and grants to CIFKIDS.


A formal orphanage will be built for established outreach programs in South Africa


We will build an orphanage in Johannesburg, South Africa, for a long-established outreach program in Lawley;

Other orphanages will be built to meet the needs of children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and otherwise abandoned;

We will also provide education and enrichment services for orphaned children.


African March of Millions Sponsorships will be used to:


Plan and implement the African March of Millions;

Secure logistics support for the March including security and other temporary staff;

Advertise the African March of Millions in various countries;

Support the grassroots efforts to get the South African community and surrounding countries to participate in what will surely be a historical event.


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